Our programs

Play builds the healthy mind in the healthy body which our future needs.



Thrice a week

10 months to 24 months

One & a half hours



Annual program

2+ Years

2 hrs



Annual Program

3- 4 Years

8.30 AM to 12.30 PM



Mon to Sat

6 months onwards

8.00 AM to 8.00 PM



Integrated Learning Program

Monthly Program

15 months onwards

2 hrs



Family Day Out


3 Years +

Up to 4 hrs ad-hoc

We believe that the human rights of a child are non-negotiable.

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    Interactive iLLUME

    The teaching method, Interactive iLLUME, is particularly created and intended to help kids understand their outstanding capacities in a systematic, synergetic, and self-managed way.

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    Shepherd Academy Teachers

    Our preparation instrument is intended to arm instructors with down to earth and compelling strategies, which are most appropriate for kids.

"children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms, Materials, sounds and Colours."

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    We imagine the present youngsters as tomorrow's authority symbols.

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    MI-aided methodology

    The mi-supported philosophy encourages youngsters to find their own particular imaginative and tasteful potential.


At The Good Shepherd Academy, providing a safe and fun Environment for your child is our top priority! From our custom built playschool we make sure that we can provide your child with the most exceptional learning, playing and development geared experience possible.

  • We were worried initially to send our children to a new school. When we got to know them better, we understood that the teachers are really friendly, caring and very good at handling children. We have decided to send my daughter to this school.

  • An excellent school for children’s overall development, even though the school is new, it has well laid out system to take care of the children and faculties are experienced.

  • The school ambience is really amazing and seems safe for the children. Now I can send my children to this school without worry.